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  • GAO WenProfessor

    E-mail: wgao AT pku DOT edu DOT cn

    Phone: 86-10-6275 8116

    Research interests: Multimedia and Computer Vision


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  • CAI Guanghui

    E-mail: ghcai AT pku.edu.cn

  • LIU jing

    E-mail: jliu_jdl AT pku.edu.cn

  • HUANG TiejunProfessor

    E-mail: tjhuang AT pku DOT edu DOT cn

    Phone: 86-10-62756541

    Research interests: Visual Information Processing, Neuromorphic Computing


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  • CHEN BaoquanProfessor

    E-mail: baoquan At pku DOT edu DOT cn

    Research interests: Computer Graphics, Visualization, and Human-computer Interaction


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  • DONG WeiEngineer

    E-mail: 1906578211@pku.edu.cn

  • WANG YizhouBoYa Professor

    E-mail: Yizhou.Wang at pku dot edu dot cn

    Phone: 86-10-6275 3457

    Research interests: Computer Vision, Medical Image Analysis, Statistical Learning and Computing, Digital Visual Arts


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  • TIAN YonghongProfessor

    E-mail: yhtian AT pku DOT edu DOT cn

    Research interests: Machine Learning, Computer vision, Surveillance Video Analysis and Coding, Multimedia Big Data


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  • MA SiweiProfessor

    E-mail: swma AT pku DOT edu DOT cn

    Research interests: Video Coding, Video Transmission


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  • XIONG RuiqinProfessor

    E-mail: rqxiong AT { pku dot edu dot cn; gmail dot com }

    Phone: +8610-62753644

    Research interests: Video Coding and Transmission, Image and Video Processing


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  • LIU YunhuaiProfessor

    E-mail: Yunhuai.liu AT pku DOT edu DOT cn

    Research interests: Multimedia Edge Computing, Big Data on Smart City, Big Data on Power Grid


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  • LU ZongqingAssistant Professor

    E-mail: zongqing.lu AT pku DOT edu DOT cn

    Office: East Resource Building, Room 1522

    Research interests: Distributed AI


    Address:50 Haidian Road, Beijing

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